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Aquarium construction to measure

Plexiglas, acrylic and glass aquarium

The element of water determines our motivation. Our expertise as a manufacturer and service provider is divided into different divisions Aquaristic Water Games Fountain
Seawater Aquarium-Gross Aquariums

Seawater Aquariums and Accessories

An important pillar of our company is the aquarium construction, where we specialize in custom-made plexiglass, acrylic and glass aquariums. Large aquariums are also our passion, where we can contribute our experience in object planning. We also use technology developed by us and adapted to the project.

As a suitable supplement to the aquarium construction, we have also developed our own filters, measuring and lighting technology to complete the offer in the field of seawater and freshwater aquarium.

Granite ball fountain

Ball fountain with spinning globe

Our service in the field of aquaristics includes an all-round service. Care and maintenance of aquariums with associated technology.

Another very important production division for us are water features. The water feature as an important part of modern interior and exterior architecture. he water wall plays an important role whether corten steel, stainless steel, glass or acrylic. We manufacture according to individual customer request. Another component are water columns and wall wells.

the water feature as an important part of interior design

Water games Water Column Water walls

The third important pillar in our production segment is wells. As a public show fountain, garden fountain or indoor fountain. Our fountain segment encompasses the entire range of high-quality wells made from selected materials such as natural stone, Corten steel, stainless steel and glass. Important in the production, Made in Germany, the quality of the raw materials and the technology used.

Jumping Jet Fountain

Show Well Public Wells

Our challenge and therefore our goal is to address each customer individually and to respond to special customer requests and subsequently to realize them satisfactorily.

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